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Investigators: Jessica Barrett, Alice Shires, Craig Gonsalvez

There is growing interest in the relationship between supervision and training outcomes. Much of this research has not examined perceptions of the supervisory experience and training progress and outcomes from both the perspective of supervisor and supervisee. Psychology trainees and supervisors providing supervision to supervisees on their external field placements will complete a variety of self-report measures, including the Supervisory Working Alliance Inventory, the Supervisory Styles Inventory, and the Supervision Evaluation and Supervisor Competence scale. Multiple regressions will be conducted to examine the extent to which the measures predict trainee learning outcomes. It is hypothesises that there will be discordance between supervisor and supervisee evaluations of supervision and perceived training outcomes. This research is expected to make a valuable contribution to the supervision and training research.

Time: 30 minutes to complete.

Participants will have the option to enter into a draw to receive a $50 Westfield gift voucher

If you are interested in participating, please go to the following links to access information and consent sheets and to complete the surveys:

For supervisors, please complete the supervisor version and follow the below link to the online questionnaire:

For supervisees, please complete the supervisee version and follow the below link to the online questionnaire: